Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 2


1. In Auckland there are not only things for adults to do but also children. A day out at Auckland Zoo where little kids can enjoy themselves by seeing all the animals it has to offer.

2. In the North Island, You are most likely to see all the beautiful beaches which you can enjoy after a long day. Not forgetting about the amazing view.

3. The biggest landmark here, which isn't hard to see from mission bay is Rangitoto Island. This Island can be seen from all over the city. You can also walk all the way to the top where you will see an awesome view of the whole Auckland.

4. The Most common theme park here is Rainbows End. With so many rides and things to do you will never want to leave.

5. In Auckland there are some very big parks with plenty of space for running around, having fun or going for walks to get some fresh air.


Limiteti @ Glen Innes School said...

Hi Jenascia,

I really like the way you put in some information for all your paragraphs.I cant wait to read your next work.I was wondering out of those 5 places which would you love to go to the most?

Nicky Bloy said...

Kia Ora Jenascia!

It's so great you're continuing on with the Winter Learning Journey these holidays!

I'm sure all of these places would be grateful for your awesome advertisement of them! You have written wonderful descriptions of each place and it makes me want to go! I have been to Rainbow's End twice, and you're right, both times I did not want to leave!

Like Limi, I'd also like to hear which of these is your favourite place or the place you'd like to visit the most?

Keep up the awesome work Jenascia!!

Nicky :)

jolie said...

Kia Ora Jenascia

I really like how you organised youre work. Like Nicky and Limi I would also like to know which of these is your favourite place or the place you would like to visit the most?

Have a great holiday :)

Vedel @ Glen Innes School said...

Hey Jenascia
I really enjoyed reading your post and cant wait for more.

Rangi said...

Hey Jenasica
I really enjoyed reading your work and what Limi,Joile and nicky said what is your favorite place to go to, but good on you

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