Thursday, 16 November 2017

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Easttle Reading Results

easttle 2.PNG

Easttle Reading

Here is my result from e asttle reading that I completed yesterday. When I saw my results from this test I felt very happy because as you can see I didn’t do very well on my last test which was a level 3-4. While I was doing this reading test, I definitely thought it was challenging for me because, it made me think a lot on what answer to choose. Overall I am happy with what I got, but I also know I can go a level up if I try harder next time. My goal for the next test is to get a 5B or more.

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Chemical and Physical change

Chemical and Physical change

What are chemical changes?
Chemical changes are changes that can’t go back to how it was at the start.

Bread is an example of chemical change, because once you toast it, it becomes toast. And you cannot change it back to bread again because it will just stay the same just get soft. This means that the change is irreversible.

Image result for chemical change examples
This is also an example of a chemical change, because once you bake the cake it can’t be turned into the batter again.

Facts about Chemical changes
  • Chemical changes cannot be reversed.
  • You can have both and chemical and physical change at the same time.
  • Chemical changes produce something new.
  • Chemical changes happen everyday
  • There are different kinds of chemical reactions

What are physical changes?
Physical changes are changes that affect the form of a chemical substance. The changes that are made can also be reversible.

An example of a physical change taking a glass of water and freezing it. Once it is frozen it had turned into ice. But if you put it in a warm spot it will melt and turn into water again. This means that the change is reversible.

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This is also an example of physical change because one the chocolate melts you can freeze it so that it turns into chocolate again. It is reversible.

Facts about physical changes
  • Physical changes can be reversed

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Descriptive paragraph - Fireworks

WALT - write a descriptive paragraph
Success Criteria
- I must use my five sense
- I must use adjectives
- I must use precise verbs
- I must use figurative language

Descriptive paragraph - Fireworks

Excitement filled the room within seconds and a massive smile appeared on our faces instantly.  We quickly head outside and, BOOM a flash of sparkles shoot into the dark sky with speed, creating a large circle of bright colours. Just seeing balls of colour in the sky, lit our eyes with amazement. Hearing the deafening whistles along the streets leaving some a bit frightened but still thrilled made us want more .The air turned stuffy ,which allowed us to  smell the unpleasantness of the smoke.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Reading Comprehension

Read Theory

Read theory.PNG

Today I have completed this reading comprehension. As I read this, I didn’t find it difficult because it was easy for me to follow along. When I answered the questions, I thought most of them were quite simple until I answered the last question which was bit hard. At the end of this activity I managed to do quite well, only getting one question wrong. My score in total was 75% and I was able to earn 18 knowledge points as well. Next time I do this I will try to get all of the questions right and get a better score.

Monday, 30 October 2017

Food Tech - Hot Cakes


Today during food tech we made delicious hot cakes. While making this I thought most of the steps were quite easy and the end result was really good. Once we finished cooking the hotcakes we added some ice cream and chocolate sauce to top it all off. I really enjoyed this dish because it tasted very good..