Friday, 28 July 2017

How to get along with your classmates

Jenascia 27/07/17

WALT - write an explanation
Success Criteria
  • I can use expensive vocabulary
  • I must have grammatically correct sentences
  • I can organise my ideas into paragraphs
  • I must use punctuation correctly
  • I must have a topic sentence for each paragraph
  • I must include a brief on the topic in my introduction
  • I can edit my work carefully

How to get along with your classmates

Classmates are not always easy to get along with. At times you may feel as if you just want to fight or say nasty words to one particular person or group of people. However there are ways which may take a while in order for you to get along with your classmates and have a good friendship.

Telling them how you feel about hating on eachother might help because after all you could be fighting until the end of the school year, which could make you feel exhausted and out of energy to fight back at the person whom you don’t get along with. As a result trying this out could just make you both best friends again.

Staying away from each other especially during class. Avoiding each other in class and outside for a couple of days or even a week could  just give you both a chance to be friends again. After all you will then have the time to think about what you have done and what you can do to fix your friendship.

Helping each other out whether it may be during class or outside. Maybe one day your enemy is struggling in class with their work or they had an accident outside while playing. Helping them out would be good because you will both be nice to each other and maybe get along and become friends again.

These are just some simple ways which can be difficult at times in order for you to get along with your classmates. Even though it may be challenging at first taking your time and waiting for the perfect time to do these may just put a smile back on your face as well as your classmates.

Simple Machines

Jenascia 26/07/17

Simple Machine Activity

Activity 1
List 10 electrical appliances we use in our everyday life.
- Toaster
- Microwave
- Refrigerator
- Vacuum
- Kettle
- Television
- Blender
- Washing machine/ dryer
- Oven/stove

Activity 2
How would our lives be different without electricity?
Well if there was no electricity we would miss out on a lot of things and we wouldn’t be able to do things we normally do on a regular basis. It would also be difficult to cope knowing that you wouldn’t be able to cook food, wash clothes and have strong light during the night.

Activity 3
What sort of activities would be impossible without electricity?
If there was no electricity we would miss out on a lot of activities. Some of those activities include not going online, cooking food, watching television, washing clothes and much more

Activity 4
Where does New Zealand get its electricity from?
New Zealand gets its electricity from energy sources such as hydropower and wind energy.

Activity 5
Why is burning fossil fuels to generate electricity a problem?
When fossil fuels are burned it releases carbon dioxide into the air which can cause a major problem especially to people because it can cause

Activity 6
How can we get electricity without harming the planet?
By solar powers , hydropowers and geothermal power .

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Winter Learning Journey/ Activity 2


1. In Auckland there are not only things for adults to do but also children. A day out at Auckland Zoo where little kids can enjoy themselves by seeing all the animals it has to offer.

2. In the North Island, You are most likely to see all the beautiful beaches which you can enjoy after a long day. Not forgetting about the amazing view.

3. The biggest landmark here, which isn't hard to see from mission bay is Rangitoto Island. This Island can be seen from all over the city. You can also walk all the way to the top where you will see an awesome view of the whole Auckland.

4. The Most common theme park here is Rainbows End. With so many rides and things to do you will never want to leave.

5. In Auckland there are some very big parks with plenty of space for running around, having fun or going for walks to get some fresh air.

Winter Learning Journey / Activity 1 Pure New Zealand

1. New Zealand is a country made up of all different cultures. About 4.4 million people here are known to be New Zealanders or Kiwis. The other 69% from european descent, 14.6% are original Maori , 9.2% are asian and the remaining 6.9% non Maori pacific islanders which include people from Tonga,Samoa,Fiji, and so on.

2. Alot of New Zealanders have advanced a passion for the outdoors. There is so much coastline here so obviously people would love the water. It is also said that many kiwis actually have there own boat. Having one will allow you to enjoy the water as much as you can with activities such as yachting, kayaking, windsurfing and many more.

3. New Zealand is also a country that takes rugby/football to the next level, being the most popular sport here. The All Blacks (New Zealand Rugby Team) were known for winning the most recent rugby world cup.

Friday, 7 July 2017

Friday, 30 June 2017

3D Shapes

During Maths we have been creating our own 3 Dimensional shapes using sticks and blue tack. I managed to make two different kinds of 3D shapes which was quite fun.