Friday, 3 March 2017

Omaru creek

Omaru creek- Writing

Unfortunately Omaru creek was in bad condition and needed urgent help. The stream was filled with disgusting things and it just looked like a big mess. There was a huge amount of rubbish blockages and sewage overflowing inside of the creek. Because residents from around the area put fat and rubbish down their drains, it has caused huge clogging in the waterway.

Maintenance crews had to take the time to clear both inside and outside of the creek. Shockingly they found rotten mattresses, cans and also kids toys stuck inside of the pipes. They also had to clear the rubbish that was clogging the waterway. After all that, they then flushed the creek with fresh water and tested it for over five days.

It is utterly important for people to think before they put things such as fat and rubbish down their drains, taking the risk and putting such things down the drain can cause horrible things and affect streams like Omaru creek. When fat is put down the drain it hardens which causes blockages.

A few weeks ago my class and I started visiting Omaru creek. We were all shocked to see how disturbing it looked. While we were there we decided to help by picking up a few things like cans and other types of rubbish. We also looked at the water inside the stream and saw how yuck and unsafe it looked.

To improve the stream Glen Innes school would like to make a start by picking up all the rubbish that we can find so that it doesn’t make the place look filthy. We should also pull out any weeds or vines that we see, so that it doesn’t make the place look so messy.


Malia said...

Hi Jenascia,
I am a student from St Pius x Catholic School. I like the way you used great and interesting words. I really like your ideas. If you wrote about this, What can you do to stop this? Anyways Keep up the good work. Hope to see more learning happening.

Venetia said...

Hi Jenascia,
I am one of the students in your quad blogging group from Pt England School. I really enjoyed reading your story about the Omaru creek. I love how you included some interesting vocabulary in your story. I look forward to seeing more posts from you. Keep it up :)))

Unknown said...
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