Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Maths Problems

WALT - Use strategies we know to solve Maths Problems

For soccer season, Allie wants to buy a new soccer ball, a pair of shorts, and a pair of soccer shoes. The ball costs $10.70, the shorts cost $16.30, and the shoes cost $10.50. Allie has $7.10. How much more money does Allie need?
$10.70+$16.30+$10.50 =
$37.50-$7.10=$30.40 for Allies stuff.

Tara bought 1 pack of white T-shirts and 3 packs of blue T-shirts for her basketball team. The white T-shirts come in packs of 2, and the blue T-shirts come in packs of 4. How many T-shirts did Tara buy in all?
12+2=14 T-shirts

Brendan's flat complex and the Adams Commons flat complex have the same number of flats. However, Brendan's flat complex is built in groups of 7 flats, while the Adams Commons flat complex is built in clusters of 8. What is the smallest number of flats could each complex have?

An auto dealership sells minivans and sedans. In January, they sold 18 minivans and 26 sedans. In February, they sold 10 minivans and 25 sedans. During which month did the auto dealership sell a lower ratio of minivans to sedans?
January: 18 Minivans 26 Sedans
February:10 minivans 25 sedans
So during february because there was a less amount of cars sold

Shane measured a flat and made a scale drawing. In real life, the lounge is 9 metres wide. It is 24 centimetres wide in the drawing. What scale did Shane use?
9 divided by 3 = 9
24 divided by 3 = 8
Every 3 metres that is 8cm

The lunch choices last Friday were mushroom or pepperoni pizza. The canteen made 95 pizzas in all, 38 of which were mushroom pizzas. What percentage of the pizzas were mushroom pizzas?
Fraction = 38/100
Decimal = 0.38
Percentage = 27%
The students at Steven's school voted for a new school colour. 10% of the students voted for yellow. If there are 100 students in Steven's school, how many students voted for yellow?
10% of 100 = 10

The last time that Dr. Baker, a farm veterinarian, checked, a particular pig weighs 10kilograms. Dr. Baker just weighed the pig again and found out that it weighs 10% less now. How much does the pig weigh now?
10% of 10 = 1 kilogram

Terrell's uncle gave him $112 to spend on basketball equipment. He bought 4 jerseys that cost $14 each, a basketball that cost $16, and a pair of shorts that cost $10. How much money does Terrell have left?
14 x 4 = 56
112-82=$30 left

The area of a square market is 81 square metres. How long is each side?
So each side is 9cm long.

Alan has a round tablecloth with a radius of 2 metres. What is the tablecloth diameter?
2 each side x 2 again = 4 for the radius

Ruth drew p pictures. Damon drew 15 fewer pictures than Ruth. What is the expression to show how many pictures Damon drew?
So this would be the expression to show how many pictures Damon drew.

Dina took a total of 6 quizzes over the course of 3 weeks. How many weeks of school will Dina have to attend this quarter before she will have taken a total of 20 quizzes? Assume the relationship is directly proportional.
2 each week
2x20=20 weeks to complete 20 quizzes.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Die on the workplane

Jenascia 5/12/2017

Today I have worked on a project which was on how to get a work plane to work for me. While doing this activity I found some of the steps difficult because I couldn’t really understand it that well. I tried anyway and I managed to complete most of it. At the end I was able to finish the whole thing and now I know how to get a work plane to work. In my opinion this has helped me a lot because I now know who to confidently use a work plane without struggling like I did before doing this.

Monday, 4 December 2017

3-D Shapes Activity

Jenascia 4/12/2017

3D Designs lessons

Today I have been completing lessons, in which I had to use 3-D shapes. The site I used was tinkercad and to me it was very helpful because through each lesson I was able to experience making different types of things using all the  3-D shapes that were given. I went through each lesson without struggling because the steps were pretty simple to complete the whole thing. When I finished all of the lessons I managed to move on to my next project which I will soon finish as well. I definitely think this tinkercad has helped me familiarize myself with 3-D shapes and how I can use them to create a bunch of different designs.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017


Jenascia 28/11/2017

Today I have completed my basic facts test, which was on stage 7. While doing this sheet test I found most parts of it easy like Multiplication and division, but when it came to the fractions and percentages it started to get challenging. As I finished the test, I felt surprised because I only got two wrong which were in the fraction and percentage part of it. Next time I sit this test I will try my best to get all of the equations correct so that I get a better score and know I have improved.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Easttle Reading Results

easttle 2.PNG

Easttle Reading

Here is my result from e asttle reading that I completed yesterday. When I saw my results from this test I felt very happy because as you can see I didn’t do very well on my last test which was a level 3-4. While I was doing this reading test, I definitely thought it was challenging for me because, it made me think a lot on what answer to choose. Overall I am happy with what I got, but I also know I can go a level up if I try harder next time. My goal for the next test is to get a 5B or more.